Our firm, in association with esteem architectural and civil engineering professionals, provides responsibly advisory services on planning and technical issues in the industrial, commercial, touristic and residential sectors.

Prior to the purchase or sale of a property, a Technical Due Diligence is integral to any transaction and assess risks that may have an impact on investment value.

The process of undertaking a Technical Due Diligence of property should include the following considerations:

(a) whether the site or surrounding area have any adverse effect on the technical aspects of the property;
(b) whether significant defects exist in the structure, fabric and building services installations of the property;
(c) whether there are legal implications of the defects such as non-compliance with statutory standards;
(d) whether the property is suitable for the clients intended use;
(e) whether tenants fittings impact on the current or future use of the property;
(f) whether the technical characteristics and conception of the building correspond to the use classification of the building and likely tenant requirements; and
(g) whether the projected capital expenditure is in line with the clients budgetprojected capital expenditure is in line with the clients budget