Valuation Process

Valuations underpin nearly every financial decision we make from home mortgages and investments to corporate finance transactions, assessment of company accounts and stock exchange listings. Valuing property accurately is of pivotal important to sellers, purchasers, lenders and real estate investors.

By appointing our firm to value your property, you can be confident that you are working with regulated and qualified professionals who:

  • Adhere to the ‘Red Book’ valuation standards
  • Are committed to openness and transparency
  • Are experts in their field, delivering credible and high-quality reports.

Our comprehensive reports are prepared according to RICS Professional Valuation Standards and Practice Statements (The Red Book) ensuring the quality of our valuations.

Identifying Clients Requirements
There is an extensive range of purposes for which clients will require valuation advice and the knowledge of clients will range from some who have a deep understanding of the market, to others who are unfamiliar with the market. Our professional advisors make ensure that the client is correctly identified by discussing their needs and the purpose of valuation. The purpose of a valuation will determine the basis of value. If agreed, then the terms of engagement will be settled between the client and the firm when instructions are first received and accepted.

Data Collection, Property Inspection and Enquiries to Local Authorities
The client provides the valuer with the relevant documentation, such as Certificated of Ownership, Contract of Sale, Architectural Plans, Planning and/or Building Permits, Lease Agreements if applicable and any other information that might be taken into consideration for the preparation of the report. Our advisor examines the documents provided and arrange a visit to the property to examine, in order to express a professional opinion on its value.
In case where any property requires further clarifications regarding its Town Planning matters, we visit Local Authorities and make formal or informal enquiries to ensure that the opinion on Market Value is not affected.

Market Analysis and Comparable Transactions
We provide analysis of the latest economic developments in local and national level, we assess the encountered risks and offering our view on the outlook for the market. Market forces that are ultimately influence the market value of a property, such as supply and demand, taxation, availability of finance, latest comparable transactions etc., are explored and taken into consideration. Our professional team has an extensive knowledge, experience and access to the most up to date data ensuring the credibility of the report and its outcome.

Prepare and Deliver the Report
Having considered all the parameters of the property we draft the valuation report and express our opinion on the Market value. We invite the client to discuss our findings, we finalize and deliver the report.