Construction and Housing Statistics 2013

This report, published annually since 1966, provides basic information on the structure and developments in the sectors of construction and housing.
The data presented refer to the Construction Survey for 2012 and the Survey of Land and Buildings Development for 2012, as well as the Building Permits and Housing Survey for 2013.
The report contains detailed information on output and intermediate consumption, investment, stocks, prices, dwellings completed and building permits authorised. Data refer only to the Government controlled area, excluding the part of the island occupied by Turkish troops since July 1974.
This publication was prepared by the staff of the Construction Statistics Unit, under the guidance and supervision of Mr. Panteli Protopapas, Senior Statistics Officer, Head of the Business, Energy, Environment and Science and Technology Statistics Division. The computer processing and digitalisation of this report was undertaken by Mrs. M. Panagi.
Sincere thanks are extended to construction firms and entrepreneurs, associations, municipal authorities and Government departments for their co-operation and assistance in providing the necessary data.